The way we do business

People all over the world are increasingly interested in what goes on in major companies.

Is the business being conducted properly?

Are local laws being adhered to?

Does a company comply with international regulations?

At NAMAA we have set down exactly how we operate, our values and our principles.

Our values

To enable the successful roll-out of our strategy and, in turn the achievement of our vision, we must be clear not only about what we will do, but also how we will do it. Through a process that involved individuals from across the company, we defined the following:

• Customer focused – we build successful partnerships with our customers

• Deliver on commitments – we do what we say we will do

• Passion for excellence – we strive to be the best in everything we do, every day

• Winning together – we develop, share and use our personal strengths to win as a team

Core principles

There are certain behaviors that we expect from all our employees under all circumstances. We call these non-negotiable behaviors, or core principles. We have defined three – safety, integrity and sustainability.

Our standards

Our business principles set down the standards by which we operate. Above all, we're committed to creating long-term value for our customers, shareholders, employees and society. We need to make sustainable profits if our business is to thrive.



• NAMAA aimes to be one of the largest distributors of chemical products in the Middle East and African markets.

• NAMAA imports and supplies chemical products to all major industries.

• NAMAA’s regional business is built around its key market segments, Home and Personal Care, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Feed and Agrochemical, Paints and Construction, Tyre and Rubber, Oilfield and Metal Treatment and Automotive, together with other industrial segments as individual markets demand.

Strategic Direction

Market-driven development based on core expertise in the chemical industry.

Core Strategy

To be a leading chemical distributor by providing unparalleled service to our customers, superior growth for our principals and a highly rewarding work environment for our employees.

To enhance the Group’s corporate value through strategic acquisitions and the optimisation of Namaa’s management resources in order to sustain high growth and profitability.

The principle of sustainable development is at the heart of Namaa’s corporate philosophy. Global performance being measured by a combination of commercial success together with a respect for the social and environmental obligations that bind all parties: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and local communities.

• A high level of quality, environmental protection and safety are our priorities in everything we do.

• In Namaa, we establish clear goals and objectives for all our employees with the aim of enhancing their awareness of the environment, safety and quality issues.

Namaa observes the laws of the countries in which it operates.

• Throughout the Group, Namaa affiliates act according to the principles of responsible care and sustainable development in order to protect the general public, employees and the environment as a whole.